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Adventure game dialogue options: to disable after one use, or not?

Hello fellow AC users! I'm working on The Last Time (pixel art point-and-click but with a focus on nonlinear narrative rather than puzzles). I've got a conundrum regarding dialogue options; if you choose an option, and the subsequent dialogue plays out, should I then remove that dialogue option from that NPC's interaction, or leave it on so that you can play through the dialogue again? The former seems more 'natural' as you wouldn't have a replicated conversation in real life - the downside is that some players might want to re-read dialogue.

Thanks in advance, would be really grateful for your thoughts!


  • My take on this would be to have variations on the same information appear, but phrased differently.

    Obviously requires more effort during development, but will probably seem more natural during gameplay.

    But an interesting game design problem!
  • Hi @Snebjorn - sorry for late reply, just saw your comment.

    That's a really good suggestion, and also the conclusion that I came to after getting some advice, so it's good to hear that you approve of that method :) Thanks so much!

    Kind regards,

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