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Custom Inspector get messy (conflict with UVC)

edited July 2014 in Engine development
Sorry for my english :)

Steps to reproduce:
2) Select HotSpot 2D (Inspector.jpg)
2) Open Window -> UVC -> Overview Window (Inspector.jpg, UVC Overview Window.jpg)
3) Look at Hotspot 2D Inspector (Inspector.jpg)

100% reproduce rate for me.
Maybe it's relative to this topic


UVC Overview Window.jpg


  • Forget to mention.
    I'm using Unity Pro 4.5.1, with AC 1.35
  • This was a mistake from UVC, I have already contacted the developper and he fixed it. You should update your UVC Version
  • Thank you!

    If anyone have the same problem. There are an old version of UVC on Asset Store. To get this fix you need to check out new version from bitbucket and compile it yourself.

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