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Game Cameras with Cinema Suite Cinema Pro Cams

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Has anyone successfully used AC with the Cinema Pro Cams? If not, how difficult would it be to set up the Game Cameras with it? Cheers.


  • Yeah this troubling me a bit, not that I have experience with Cinema Pro Cams (which I want to buy ASAP once I figure out it's compatibility with AC) but it looks like I can't apply image filter scripts to my cameras individually, they don't change over to the main game camera.  I understand that 'transitioning' effects would be difficult to do during camera tweening, but really not all places are lit the same and you need to adjust exposure/depth of field etc.

    Especially for dialogue I want to adjust Depth of Field so I guess I'm going to have to find a workaround of turning off AC's main cam during dialogue

  • Chris responded with this to a prior post I made. It's not an exact answer, but a start maybe.

    I haven't gotten it to work quite yet, but I haven't spent that much time troubleshooting either. It seems that maybe with some tweaking, it might be possible (then again, anything is possible in code). Just need to work through it I suppose.
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    Also, in the Cinema Pro Cam, a problem I see is that said camera has to be a child of a "camera body" game object where there are a few scripts and then there is a depth of field script on the actual camera. I'm not sure how you could make the main camera adapt these without some pretty in depth code. It would be neat if AC could actually use different cameras that are created, but the architecture seems pretty dependent on the way it already operates. 
  • I'd be curious to know how this might work. Could you not make the necessary changes to the MainCamera prefab?

    Are you finding the Cinema Pro Cam package valuable? As a photographer it sounds appealing, but is it doing something that couldn't be achieved with standard Unity FOV and DOF effects?
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    It's a pretty nice package so far. It has a lot of subtle details in terms of functionality. For example, it will target game objects to put focus on. It might be overkill, but I'm a photographer as well, we love our bokeh. Keep in mind, I'm fairly new to the asset, so I'm probably not yet qualified to determine if it's worth the expense. I'll find out in a few months.

    It could end up being one of those many assets that you buy that just never gets imported. Definitely not as useful as Adventure Creator. 
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