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The best way to load different cutscenes

Maybe this is a Unity question, but perhaps it is also AC related. 
So what I would like to do is this: I want to have a few scenes for one cutscene because every part of the cutscene needs a different lightmap. The problem is that I would like to load the first scene very fast to the second. And here is the problem, the loading time takes too long. Of course every scene has a different lightmap since every scene has a different atmosphere. What is the easiest way to go over this? 


  • You could preload the second cutscene while the first is playing, but depending on the length of the first one, there's no guarantee that the second will be loaded in time, and what sort of impact preloading will have on performance.

    There's a time and a place for pre-rendered cutscenes. Personally, I'd say this is one of those places.

    Or create different areas in your single scene, and just restrict the radii of the baked lights in those areas. Then move the camera between areas as needed. That should ensure they have distinct lightmaps.
  • Exactly my thoughts. I will capture it with the Hauppage, so I will have the sound aswell. Thanks for the reply.
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