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how to use the Input Check Action

I have tried :


Check Type : Axis

Axis name: Fire1

Equal to : ???? only accepts an integer

If I place '0' in the Equal to it doesn't wait for me to hit the mouse button and exits through the "condition met" , if I make it '1' the action returns condition not met. .

What I want is when the Player enters a trigger zone a dialog opens up saying "hit the mouse button to proceed.." I thought I could use this Input:Check Action


  • The "Equal to" field is a float field.  However, checking for >0 should also do the trick.

    Be aware that this Action only runs once when called - so you have to loop it back on itself if you want it to keep testing for this (and set to Run In Background so as not to interrupt gameplay).

    The better way to do this, however, is to use Active Inputs (see Manual).  Active Inputs handle the detection of Inputs and allow you to run ActionLists when detected.  You can set a Boolean variable to determine when such an input should have any effect (e.g. set to True inside the Trigger, False outside of it).
  • Yes, it's simpler to do it thru Action Input and it works.

    As far as my last message regarding the Comment line I noticed your ActionList:Comment which does what I wished only it takes a lt of space because it adds another box for every comment.

    I have completed all 4 ways to open/close doors and it looks a bit like an octopus (a big one) I will try just for the heck of it to shorten it maybe thru parameters (that's why it's nice to be retired !!).

  • ........ but would it be too difficult to at least change the background color of the ActionList:Comment to say, red ? That would make it more legible
  • Per-Action comments will be a feature of v1.51.

    You can change the colour of any Action from within the Actions Manager - a bug with Unity 5.3 prevents the display working correctly, but a workaround for this will also be included in v1.51.
  • I can wait for 1.5.1 but I just want the Action:Comment text field to be in red. From the script inside that Action:

    override public void ShowGUI ()


                commentText = EditorGUILayout.TextArea (commentText);

                outputToDebugger = EditorGUILayout.Toggle ("Print in Console?", outputToDebugger);


                AfterRunningOption ();


    how can I add the Color ?

    I will NOT change the original I just will copy into a new MyActionComment.cs

  • Like I said, it's done within the Actions Manager.  From there, you can select and Action type and change it's colour.
  • Sorry I didn't understand it first now I've got it.

    What is still not working is the change in Actions with the Toggle breakpoint, it is still invisible and if you forget to turn it back it is murder to find  where you had it.

    Thanks again 

  • The bug with Unity 5.3 extends to the colours of breakpoints not showing as well.  A workaround for this too willl be included in v1.51.
  • So I want to wait for a mouse click in a middle of an action list.
    Using the 'Input check single click or tap' doesn't seem to work as this action just causes the entire action list to stop the millisecond a click is not preformed (since there is no option to tell the action that if the condition is not met it should wait for it...).
    Isn't this action supposed to WAIT for a click?

  • Isn't this action supposed to WAIT for a click?

    No. You need to loop it back on itself to check continuously.

    It is recommended, however, to leave input detection to Active Inputs - see the Manual chapter of the same name.

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