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Dexter Stardust - Adventures in Outer Space: Night of the Hollow Moon (DEMO AVAILABLE NOW!)

Aloha Adventurers!  

This forum has been the number one reason (apart from Adventure Creator itself) that I was able to finish a demo for a game I've been working on called "Dexter Stardust - Adventures in Outer Space: Night of the Hollow Moon".  So... thank you!

You can download the demo for free here (PC and MAC) -

It's a traditional 2D point and click adventure.  The inventory is at the bottom of the screen and the interactions are in the form of a verb key.  

Any criticisms or comments, I'd appreciate them.  I want to launch a Steam Greenlight and eventually a Kickstarter to fund a completed version of the game.  

What we have here in the DEMO is only about 10 percent of the full game.  I hope to eventually incorporate live actions cut-scenes with the same actors, and there will be some subtle changes to the characters and over-arching plot.  

Hope you enjoy!



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