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Select inventory item, open Menu.

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So, I have an inventory item, when I click on it it opens a menu. How do I do this? I checked on google here but no solution worked. Where am I supposed to call the Actionlist from?


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    In the inventory manager, every inventory item has 4 slots for action lists: Use, examine, unhandled use on hotspot, unhandled combine. You should give them a try. But if what you mean is that the menu should open upon highlighting/hovering the button, they you may have to use a little scripting...
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    To my knowledge as far as I used AC it should just work with inventory select item, or check selected item and open Menu. But where does this Action must be called from? I could use the OnVarChange but seems like there must be a more simple way.. And yes, I could script it but I think there is a way without scripting.
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    After changing the name of the menu it worked. I had this once before. I think it is a bug, a small one but still.. But maybe already solved (still using AC 1.51B)
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