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Dialog system - only player lines are playing


I am using Dialog system with AC, I have followed the turotials on the Dialog system site. I hav already posted this question there but maybe here someone know the answer as well.

Right now only player lines are actually playing altough I have my actors in the converstation and assigned to the "Third party - play dialog system conversation" action on a cutscene.

Any idea why NPC lines might not be playing?

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  • The problem is in AC subtitles are "off" by default. Is there a way to have them  "on" by default? where should I Set this?
  • edited June 2016
    Settings manager/Options Data/Show subtitles. Still, if you aren't using the dialogue system triggers, make sure the characters or objects which are supposed to speak have their prefabs named the same way you named them in the Dialogue System, else it can get confused about who is supposed to be speaking. I had a similar problem, I had the player and one NPC, but only the player would speak (or sometimes only the NPC). It fixed when I renamed all my prefabs according to the actors in the Dialogue system.
  • yeah the names are the same.. Thanks for pointing out where i can set it to Show subtitles by default!;) Cheers
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