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Sally Face, Episode One: Strange Neighbors (Released)


Just released the first episode on! Check it out here!

This is a side project of mine that I've been developing solo. I did the design, art, animation, music, etc. Would love to hear feedback if anyone decides to play it. 




  • Umm, a video would have been great here. As I told someone before, video game developers are busy people, lol, and you should know ;) (also I'm broke :P, and where I'm at that means really broke, just barely paying my bills, lol). Still, the images look pretty cool, for a hobby side projects it looks really nice, but a video would really help a lot to provide better feedback and to do it faster too.
  • Thanks for the input. I definitely understand being busy and broke, seems like my life's story haha. While working on Sally Face I'm also working on two other games (with my team, Wither Studios) as well as maintaining a day job. 

    I didn't really want to do a trailer for Strange Neighbors because I felt that with the length of the episode (roughly 30-45 mins) it would be showing too much. Though, I've been thinking about it more lately and I should be able to put together a short video teaser without spoiling much. 
  • hey, just a small video showing a fragment of the game is good, or highlighting what's unique about it. It doesn't need to be too long. :)
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    Pretty much just made a full trailer anyways haha. Showing a little more than I wanted to, but I feel like it'll be more effective than a 30 sec teaser that shows less. Let me know what you think! 

  • Whoa, this freaks me out - got to try it! :-)
  • Thanks @Snebjorn! If you play through it, let me know what you think! 
  • @witheredCrow - just started playing it today and loving it so far!

    The only thing I'm not too fond of is the type of scrolling used for the subtitles, but maybe that's just me ... otherwise it's a great little game! 
  • @snebjorn Awesome, thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I appreciate you taking the time to play my game. 

    I can understand not liking the scrolling text. I don't like how sometimes it pops a word down a line but I couldn't figure out how to fix that and I preferred scrolling vs not scrolling. One of those things I just ended up living with haha. 
  • Found the time to finish the game today - I want more!!!
  • @snebjorn That's exactly what I want to hear! haha Thank you for taking the time to play, I appreciate the support. Right now I have 4 more episodes planned but since I'm just developing in my free time, it's taking a while. I'm thinking about doing crowdfunding with the hopes to focus on the game full time/to get the episodes out quicker. 
  • Quick update. Any votes or shares are appreciated :) 

    Sally Face is now on Steam's Greenlight 

    Sally Face on IndieGoGo

  • Headbanging for witheredCrow! Woooh!  \m/

    Good job, I like it very much! 
  • Thanks @2finger

    The response has been great so far! Even getting lots of fan art. Which is crazy haha 
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    YouTube Reacts to Sally Face!  (Video)
    A fun little video of some YouTube personalities reacting to Sally Face. 

    Also, tomorrow (the 5th) is the final day of the indieGoGo campaign! It's still 20% away from the goal so any help with sharing the game and/or campaign would be much appreciated!

  • image 

    A big thank you to IceBox Studios and the community here! 
  • Aha, so you're fellow AC user! Saw your game when Gloom Games played it (she played my game too), welcome to the club and congrats on a great start! :)
  • @Big_Cow Cool! And thanks! What's your game? 
  • @Big_Cow Oh, nice! I've seen that around too and thought it looked good. Funny enough, I think I looked up your game when a YouTuber mentioned it while playing Sally Face, because the first line is "It was just like the last time, only this time it started in a hospital." haha
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