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How can a prefab game object with a Hotspot component maintain an interaction?


I'm working on a 3D game with an important pick up and drop mechanic. Items picked up in one scene, need to be able to be dropped in another. To represent the item in the game world, we are using a gameobject, with a hotspot component. The game object is a prefab so that we can instantiate it in various scenes. Please note that we are not using moveable or draggable items, all items picked up are converted to inventory when picked up and to game objects when dropped.

Using the Hotspot component, I want to add an interaction which will be present when the prefab is instantiated. However, when I try to create an interaction, it only allows me to create an interaction within the scene. The prefab does not save the connection to the interaction and instantiating the prefab results in a game object, with a hotspot, which is interactable yet does not run the interaction.

If I do this, instantiating the object in another scene also lacks the interaction and therefore I cannot pick up the item. I need it to be the same in all scenes so picking up is similar everywhere. 

I don't know if this is a possibility, but I cannot seem to use an actionlist asset instead of an interaction.

Is there a way to make a prefab hotspot component maintain an interaction or action list?

Thank you for thinking about this!


  • Thank you goes out to Alverik, who showed me how to change the Interaction Source to Asset File.

    That solves the issue by allowing me to link the interaction of a prefab.
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