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3rd party pathfinding systems

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I've been thinking about switching to a 3rd party solution for pathfinding in my game (currently using Unity's native system) to handle the dynamics of having lots of NPCs and doors that can be opened and closed by said NPCs.

A* Pathfinding Project and Apex Path are currently on sale, so now would probably be a good time to make a decision - if anyone out there is using either of these with AC I'd love to hear about their views.

My project is about two thirds clean AC and one third based on a heavily customised (read: almost completely rewritten) version of Turn-Based Toolkit.


  • I ended up not making a decision, and thus didn't buy either while they were on sale - but it made me think a bit harder about what I'm actually looking for, which is a highly dynamic player navigation system for 3D scenes in AC, but still using Unity's built-in NavMesh system (or one of the above-mentioned alternatives) for pathfinding, as I need this for other parts of my game - and then I started writing it.

    The basic idea is to separate where the player character can actually choose to go at any given point in time from the pathfinding logic, as this might also be used by AC NPCs following their own logic or other game entities not even controlled by AC.

    I have a very raw prototype for this system working now which I will be working on getting into a production-ready state over the next couple of weeks, and as I'm planning to make it available for the AC community at large, I'd love to hear from anyone who would be interested in testing it along the way.

    It's all based on AC's own Action system, so doesn't require any scripting skills, and only uses public interfaces defined in the scripting guide, so shouldn't (as far as I can tell) be a problem in terms of exposing restricted source code.

    Chime in here or through a pm if you're interested.

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    Hey, superb! I was starting to look for path finding methods to use with AC too, specially for AI (like for animals or crowds). Do you think this github repo (Unity Movement AI) would be useful? (Ive been eyeing it recently, it's a library of steering behaviours).
  • Definitely looks interesting - though I'm currently using Opsive's Behavior Designer in my project, and have it quite well inegrated at this point.
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