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Phoenix Springs - New Trailer

Hey everyone,

hope you're not working too hard on your games this weekend. 

So I kinda messed up by posting an earlier teaser for my game. The art style was not really there and we used some of IceBox Studio's assets without Chris's permission (sorry again!). You live you learn. 

Anyway, now got a new trailer and we're also looking for alpha testers. Haven't spread the word around too much but maybe some of you might be interested? If so feel free to get in touch!


  • Nice trailer, it looks very interesting. The cartoon effect burns my eyes a bit though, lol. But I can't wait to see more, :)
  • You know you're completely right - a few people have commented on it. I'm going to tone it down a bit! Thanks for the kind words.
  • Looking good! Maybe a little less contrast on the cartoon effect..
  • I agree the art style is a bit much in places but I have to say I was rather intrigued by the end of the trailer, and it looks like there's quite a bit of story to play through so I'm interested in where this goes.
  • Glad the trailer is making you interested - and yes, again I'm reworking the whole art style. Should be less messy for the next trailer!
  • And this is what it looks like now. Hope you guys like it! 

    Now back to adventurecreating
  • And for anyone curious about the art direction, I wrote a little blog post here 

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