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has anyone used Gaia Terrain Generator with AC?

Before I spend money on the Gaia Terrain Generator I would appreciate if anyone has used it with AC. In general placing a character in is the most unpredictable.

Your help wpuld be greatly welcome 


  • Long-time Gaia user here - also with AC. What's your exact problem with placing characters?
  • I had problems with OTHER type of terrain generators and thought I could have the same with Gaia so I haven't bought it yet.

    After the generation of the terrain what do you do to place a 1st person character, say Tin Pot on it?


  • It's really just a matter of adding a PlayerStart object in the right spot, and you're good to go.

    I typically create the terrain in a separate Unity project and then export only the actual terrain data plus any textures and trees used, then import that in my AC project. That way you don't get all the Gaia components cluttering up your main project.
  • Thanks, now all I need is 31 € to buy it. I spent that much weeks ago in Terrain Composer 2 and it was a failure, too complicated. OK I won't go to the movies this month and buy Gaia !!
  • Have you checked out the official YouTube videos for Gaia? They give a very good idea of the workflow, so if you haven't watched them already, I'd recommend that before buying - and it's almost like a trip to the movies! :)
  • Yes I went thru several videos about Gaia and indeed it looks impressive.
    One question 4 u:
    You say: ...then export only the actual terrain data plus any textures and trees used,....
    what exactly do you export ? Terrain ? where do I see the Terrain data? what do you use Export Package? or do you mean to Export the entire project?
  • ...... and one last thing: in the tutorials they mention assets like SUIMONO and TENKOKU each at an exorbitant price of > 55 €. Does one have to have those to complete Gaia?
  • Absolutely not - I think it looks fine with the stuff from the standard assets!

    Regarding export: the terrain data asset file can be found by going through the inspector for the terrain in question, specifically the Terrain Collider component.

    With the asset file selected, use "Export Package" with "Include dependencies" ticked - this should bring the complete terrain with all required assets into your main project when imported.
  • Done it. I will abstain from the disco, movies, vacation and with those savings I will buy Gaia.

    Thanks for your help
  • Wise decision - it's hours of fun in its own right! :)

    BTW, keep the separate terrain project around after the first export - it's really useful to be able to go back and tweak the terrain in Gaia and re-export it again without cluttering up the main project.
  • Gaia is using Unity's own terrain features, so there's no issues at all.

    Though honestly Unity's built-in terrain tools are really quite fine if you're getting started. Remember it's just going to be ground in a game, don't overthink it unless there's a design reason.
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    That's true - Gaia doesn't do anything that couldn't be achieved with the built-in tools, but apart from the vastly superior modelling system, its tools for procedural texturing and placement of trees and other objects makes it worth the price to me.

    On that note, I also find these extremely good value:

    Terrain Former:!/content/20052 - basically just a much better version of the built-in terrain tools.

    Relief Terrain Pack:!/content/5664 - vastly superior terrain materials.

    In a perfect world, at least these two should be part of your standard Unity installation.

  • I've looked at the other ones you mention but the best of Gaia is the "spawning" feature that I haven't seen in those others
  • Looking to getting Gaia myself for terrain gen but I have a question concerning how I plan on using it. 

    So I'm creating an isometric perspective game in 2D all hand drawn but I don't want to use tiles and make everything look squared off or flat. I would like natural curved landscapes. What I plan on doing is using a terrain gen, save as an image in the isometric perspective and paint over the image to create my landscapes. 

    Does gaia allow me to save say a .png and open it in Photoshop? Is this a valid way of creating hand painted terrain? Is there a more effective way to create terrain without using a terrain gen?
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    The first half of your question would be better answered in the Gaia forums (cause it's about Gaia usage). For the last part, it depends. You could export height maps from Vue or World Machine or other programs and then tweak them in Unity using the terrain tools. But yeah, by what you see, in general, a realistic terrain is hard to hand paint, it's easier to use a tool for that (like vue, or World machine, or in unity, like Gaia or Terrain Composer 2). But all in all it depends, if you have no need for a realistic terrain then you can just do the terrain by hand. Not to mention that you'll be using terrain for more than just realistic terrains (typically things like the whole ground area under a village or town, etc).
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