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Abraxas Project - Demo in Progress

Hello folks!

It has been a little over a year since I downloaded Adventure Creator and started work on my very first indie game demo. During that time, the team expanded to adding an artist, a musician, and a programmer [to help me navigate through the more complex internal machinations of Unity and AC ;) ].  It has been a wild ride, comprised mainly of elation, interspersed with healthy doses of self-doubt and frustration.

Anyhow, I have learnt much by lurking in the forums and getting inspired by the existing projects, so I wanted to somehow return the favour and share my own experiences.  The best way to do this would be to start showing what we've been up to this last year.  Let's start with mockup shots of ingame scenes and characters:


I'll also post some of the ingame backgrounds and gameplay videos in the near future, to keep things updated.

Here's hoping to a public demo being ready by the end of March!

Thank you all so much for making such an awesome community!



  • Wow, it looks amazing! Looking forward to reading the updates, and to play the demo !! 
  • Incredible art!
  • Thanks to the both of you!
    I've got a lot of catching up to do in terms of archiving the project, but I look forward to getting everyone up to speed on our progress!
  • Keeping things rolling~

    Here's a ten-minute gameplay video from two months back. 

    Since February, we've started adding more 'cosmetic' features such as proper sounds and more particle effects, so those will not be seen in this video.
    That being said, it still gives an overall sense of where we are at currently :D
  • i love the character designs!!
  • Thank you!  At first I wasn't too sure how folks would react to these characters but I'm glad that so far everything's been positive!
  • Just wanted to say that our first public demo is out :D !


    After a good 1+ year, we're finally comfortable enough with our current body of work to show others. It has been an odd and educational adventure as I tried to wrap my mind around Unity and AC, but it was all definitely worth it.

    We really hope you folks enjoy it!

    Windows Version

    Mac Version

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