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Röki from Polygon Treehouse


Hi everyone, hope you're all well.

My name is Alex and until a few months ago I was an Art Director at Sony/Guerrilla Cambridge. At the beginning of Match, together with my buddy Tom (the other Art Director from the studio) we formed a new indie studio, Polygon Treehouse.

Last week we announced our new studio, and debut indie title Röki (which we're using AC to create). We made an 'Announce Trailer' and were fortunate enough to have the reveal covered by Eurogamer and Kotaku.

Still super early days for us but we'll be sharing openly as we develop the game so if you were so inclined you could follow our progress on Twitter, Facebook or
at our website. We're doing weekly-ish blogposts and I'm keen to do an AC one at some point.

That's it! I'll keep it short and sweet. Thanks for reading and a big thanks to Chris for Adventure Creator.




  • Looks pretty great actually! Cool trailer, with an equally cool, Jesper Kyd-esque soundtrack. So there's just the two of you working on this?

    I didn't realise Guerrilla Cambridge closed down though, that's a shame.

  • It's quite interesting lowpoly cartoon style! Very nice trailer indeed.
  • Hey!

    Yup, just the two of us so far, glad you like the look of it. Still early days but we're pretty pleased with how it's going so far.

  • Hey! good luck going indie. Always keeping my fingers crossed for those who dare to make that leap!

  • Looks great, good luck, AC rocks.
  • Thanks both, we're having fun so far :)
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