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Vacant - Horror adventure game

Hello guys,

Finally got my game, Vacant, done. Thanks to everyone who dealt with my questions enough to make this happen.

It's on right now if you want to check it out:


Vacant is a point and click adventure game about Jade Bridgett-- a new
intern at a mysterious government agency called "The Eye". On her first
day, she gets put on a case to find three missing people, all at which
are presumed dead. It's your job to find them and the culprit.

Based off of the
VACANT graphic novel.



Our goal is to include the following in the full release:

-Digitally drawn dialogue Portraits

-More animations

-A longer ending (We were severely limited do to time and resources)

-More music by Elena



-The game was created by H L Nunnelly.
-The music was done by Elena Íviel Williams.
-The voice acting in the trailer was done by Holly Standbrook.


  • edited May 2017
    By looking at the gameplay sequences in the video it looks really nice. But the trailer needs work. It doesn't catch my attention. It doesn't sell the mystery or any good points of your game. It needs to show something about the mysteries that'll put a question mark on the viewers head, so they'll want to know more. Or will need to show some of the cool or interesing things you can do in the game, etc. 

    Anyway, I upvoted it, but, unless you are in alpha, and it doesn't seem to be the case, then do try to work on the trailer some more, for your own good...

    PS: if I get the time I'll give it a try it. It's been a long while since I played games. But I'm kinda swamped in my own little projects right now...
  • Loking nice! I like the art style. But i have to agree with @Alverik,  trailer needs a little work, just something to raise the mystery and atmosphere.
  • Very smooth and nice, looks great, and the voice acting sounds good. Keep it up. Trailer could be a bit longer with less creds :)
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