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The Broons

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So, about a month and a half ago I came across Adventure Creator...up till then I'd never even opened Unity and I would not even know where to begin scripting but as a lifelong Point and Click fan and a 2D Animator I was very I went for it!
Wonderful software! The YouTube tutorials on here were a great help, as were Isaac Lundgrens and I also searched the forums for answers to problems and usually found that some other noob had already asked the same thing, so that was very helpful ;)
I've always been a great believer in just making something as being the best way to learn so decided to do a little basic game based on some comic strip characters from a Scottish paper 'the Sunday Post'...very basic animations and not much at all to the gameplay but learned so much making it. Also some of you may struggle with the Scots language ,sorry about that :P If you have time take a wee look   ...
...I'm off to learn how to customise menus and create Diary systems :D


  • Very nice! As I'm busy right now, nice and short really hit the spot. I really like the animation even though it was basic as you said. The style was really nice too. My only complaint is that the excess of white hurt my eyes somewhat. But all in all it was really nice and to the point. Good work :)
  • Thanks! Yeah, VERY basic animation, I didn't want to get too bogged down in animating as it was more about learning AC and the Unity interface and the type of animating I do is very time consuming. I did wonder if it was too white but as it's a strip from a newspaper I was trying to keep that sort of idea going...probably should have toned it down a bit more though. Thanks for your comments :)
  • Wow that was awesome, really good job, I grew up on the broons and oor wullie :-) Very cool.
  • Thanks...or as Wullie would say "Jings, Ta!"
  • Help me boab that number plates shuggled aff! Im a geordie my lingo is bad we called it "Wor wullie" and the broons is the same in geordieland. Lived in Scotland for 8 years, working in the games industry at bonny Rockstar in Leith and DC Studios in glasgow and a few others. Wish you all you best pal!
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