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Hello guys!

Our first commercial title launched a few hours ago. Lydia is a short, but atmospheric adventure game, that shows the world of substance abuse from a perspective of a small child. The Steam page of the game is here:

Check out the trailer and screenshots, and maybe even consider purchasing the game.

We began with Lydia last august. At first we used Visionaire Studio, but at January we switched to Unity and Adventure Creator. It was totally a right move, the game is a LOT more polished when it was redone in Unity.

Thanks a lot for the community and especially Chris, who helped me and our sound designer along the way.

Juho Kuorikoski, one of the four dudes of Platonic Partnership Ltd.


  • Great art style, and a seemingly very dark atmosphere. The story reminds me somewhat of Among The Sleep, was this an inspiration at all?
  • Hello!

    I haven't actually played Among the Sleep, but now that you mentioned it, there are some similarities regarding the setting. But those are completely coincidental.

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