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Twine integration

I'm currently working on a game jam project in collaboration with a writer who has very rudimentary scripting skills and doesn't know her way around Unity at all, so we decided the best approach would be if she created all the dialogue and related logic in Twine which she has some previous experience with.

So, I've written a custom action that runs Twine stories inside AC (based on Cradle) and the results seem quite promising.

It handles dialogue text, dialogue options (sorry: DialogOptions), synchronises variables between AC and the Twine story, and comes with a short "writer's guide" aimed at Twine users.

It's still work in progress, which is why I'm not uploading it to the wiki quite yet, but I'm using it for an actual project.

If there are any Twine users in the AC community who would like to try it, I'd be very interested in getting some feedback on the design decisions I've made so far, and also ideas for how it could be improved.


  • Oh, this looks really interesting. I've always wanted a better way to write for games. I had heard of some paid software, but I'd never heard of twine. I'll be giving it a try (specially if you are willing to share the actions to run it :) )
  • At the moment it's my favourite way of writing game dialogue, and I think I will be using it for prototyping in my solo projects in the future.

    If you or anyone else wants to test my AC integration script, send me a PM.
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