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Phoenix Springs - Kickstarter Trailer

Hey everyone!

So it's been a wild year, but we've finally got the game into a shape we're happy with. Your feedback has actually been super useful, so thanks a bunch.

Now's the annoying part: spamming everyone with the new trailer!

The Kickstarter page is here - It opens on August 1st, and there's tons of early bird rewards only available for the first 4 days! As always, any feedback is really appreciated!


  • And here's some gameplay footage:

  • Congrats on getting funded! I have to say the gameplay trailer looks great, I love the idea of your 'Inventory' bar being populated with clues/notes that you find (so not confined to physical objects you pick up) and then being able to use them on objects in the world to further investigate. Hopefully you can continue that depth throughout the game, if so then I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this when you complete! Congrats again.
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