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The Adventures of Nick and WIllikins

Hi everyone.

Thought I'd post something about my latest game: The Adventures of Nick and Willikins.  I've had SO much fun using Adventure Creator to make this game, as well as SO many challenges in learning to use it.  But it all getting REALLY close to paying off.

It's a 2D comedy Point & Click where you have to solve a murder that takes place in the posh mansion of a spoiled rich kid.  Did the Butler do it?  You better hope not, because you ARE the butler!

The game should be released sometime early in 2018.  In the meantime, here are some screenshots.  I'd love to get your feedback!




  • Looks brilliant!

    Did you do the art yourself? 
    (That's the thing I'm having the most trouble with!) 
  • Realy nice! Very good job.
  • I WISH I could draw like that!
    Fortunately I have some friends that are really good and were willing to help out with the art!  they have really made the game shine!!
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