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Sreen Resolution

edited January 2018 in Technical Q&A
Hello! I have a small problem with the resolution!  Namely, I followed the tutorial and everything works, I set my resolutions to 800x600,1280x720 and 1920x1080  but when I change the resolution in game and resume again I get the resolution (800x600) to be shown in menu instead of the one that is set! In the game when I change the resolution to ,say 1280x720 it's changed but when the game is resume in  options it shows 800x600 and when I save and load the game it reverts beck to the default 800x600 and not to the one I chose? Like it's constantly return to default, if this makes sense..

I would like the selected resolution to be remembered even after the game is quit or save and load...I'm not much of a programmer so I apologize if it's something very simple but I know I'm missing something here... I have unity 5.6.1 and AC 1.56g 


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