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Beginners Tips & Tricks

  • I'm more of an artist so it took me awhile to learn the way the logic operates. Isaac Lundgren's videos on Youtube helped me a ton. He goes through things very simply but explains the concepts well. I only wish he did more tuts.
  • If something doesn't work, check whether your action list or interaction was enabled. I found that I was accidentally changing it (roll mouse) or Unity wasn't saving it.
  • Once I loaded the game on the Android Playstore, I had the problem where the scene just hung there (just the intro music played and it was black screen). I figured out it was my "switch scene" action list was set to "load scene over last one" (I think that's what it was called). Basically, just leave all boxes blank and switch to your start scene after the Unity Splash Screen. This was really hard to figure out and it was so simple (and frustrating).
  • Your action lists start to look crazy if you build mini-games. Organize each command and DO NOT hit the "organize" button in the Action List Editor. It sometimes refreshes it differently than what you put in. It's quirky sometimes. Mine could get huge and if I accidentally hit organize, I would lose an hour trying to find where the change happened.
  • When something isn't working on your action lists, if it was part of the on-start cutscene, don't forget to check if you added your on-start cutscene to the scene tab of your AC Manager. I found that I didn't do it (or Unity didn't save it) 4 times throughout the making of the game. It was just long enough between each instance that I forgot to check it.
  • DO NOT apply a change to an object UNLESS it's a prefab or you want every instance to have that change. It will apply those changes throughout your game. I did that a few times and couldn't figure out why I had to go back in and fix stuff again.
  • Pay attention to Manual vs Actual Pixels vs Relative when using Menus. I would choose Manual and Relative and stay away from Actual Pixels as much as possible.
  • Sometimes just adding an Engine Wait of a second or so will help an action list work. Don't know why.

I didn't keep notes so that's all I have, other than trying to update the results when I had questions. Good luck!


  • Re: ActionList auto-arranging and Engine: Wait debugging - if there are issues with AC please post details as new threads so that they can be addressed.
  • I thought it might be user error, unity or possibly because my computer isn't that great. I didn't want to send you off on a wild goose chase.
  • Thanks! I didn't publish yet using AC and find your hints useful.

    "DO NOT apply a change to an object UNLESS it's a prefab or you want every instance to have that change"
    Loosely related, I discovered the use of the Prefab button "Apply" in the Inspector (to change the prefab according to the one I'm on), right below the tag and layer menus.
    Hope it helps
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