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need help integrating opsive tps with adventure creator inventory system

hi i'm trying to figure out which is the best inventory approach for what im using, i have setup is this:

behavior tree designer, opsive third person controller, dialogue systems, and adventure creator.

i have the main camera setup to opsive and have the adventure creator inventory setup with an exploding coconut item, so my question is how would i go about using that coconut through selecting it in the adventure creator inventory, and once that is selected how would i be able to throw it like a grenade with the opsive third person controller, basically i wanna either override or integrate the two inventorys and im not sure which would be the best approach, should i use the dialog system too or what would be the easiest way, if that makes any sense, anyway any help would be appreciated its super confusing at the moment lol


  • Welcome to the community, @alexaleman.

    Such a tightly-woven integration between multiple assets is always going to be tailored for your own needs, but I can certainly advise on the best general practices.  Do know that it will require custom coding, so you will need to be knowledgable of scripting - but AC does try to make such customisations as simple as possible (while still giving enough flexibility).

    If you already have an item created in AC's Inventory Manager, then presumably you already have the ability to access the default Inventory menu to select it.  How you go from that to having TPC equip a grenade will depend on exactly how you want it to occur, but the most simple way would be to give that item a "Use" Interaction ActionList, which runs a simple custom Action to tell TPC to equip the grenade.

    A tutorial on custom Actions can be found here.

    For a more integrated approach, where the items in TPC and AC are more robustly synchronised, you can rely on custom events.  Custom events are triggered whenever AC performs a common task, and there are events for adding / removing /using etc inventory items held by the player.  For more on this topic, see the "Custom events" and "Inventory scripting" chapters of the Manual.

    You can also read the player's inventory at any time with:

  • thank you that seems like a good starting point im about to try a couple things ill let you know how it turns out i think i get what youre saying i just got the AC inventory to display and everything im gonna try to set up the third person controller side of it i hope it works out so much to learn with both systems but i think itll be worth it i like AC so far hopefully can figure it out thanks for the help

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