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Menu label override not translated

I know my request is weird, because I'm using version 1.50i of AC, but I'm still in Unity 4 because the project is too big to be converted in last versions (I already tryed with a looooot of errors).
Btw, if someone can give me a hand... here's the issue.

I created a menu with AC with a button like in the pic:
In the "Hotspot label override" I put a short description that appear when I go on that button with the mouse cursor and the text appear in a separate place, set in this other Element:

It works all great, except for the translations... I already have gathered text and exported all translations, but in the csv file there are no lines written in the "Hotspot label override" field. 
There are the Element name but there aren't even the example I put in the "Placeholder text" field...

It was a corrected bug or I'm missing something? 
If it was a bug, there is the possibility to get some code from the latest version for export that field?

Thanx in advance!
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