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Hi all!

After 4 (and more) years from the purchase of Adventure Creator, I'm quite proudly to present my small game: Qwest!
It's not my main project, but I decided to dedicate some spare time on Qwest and i created the first 4 levels.


I published it for free on and I'll be glad if you expert adventurer could give it a try just for fun.
It's not so long, maybe during a coffee break... ^_^

Here you can play:
Thanks for your attention and let me know how fun it is from 8 to 10! ;p
Raffo "2finger"

And of course, if someone would like to support me, I've just opened a Patreon page:
Or if you don't want to support me, you or your friends can even offer me a coffee, thank'you! XD

Who would like to know, my main project is called "Madievals" (on google is the first result) and it'll be published on Steam in early access before Christmas... but I don't know what Christmas year!

PS3: it's not compatible with the Ps3... or the Ps2 or the Ps1... they are just PostScripts! LOL!
Maybe for the Ps5 in a future...
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