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The Doll Shop

We're Cecile and Olivier a duo of French comic artists also known as Atelier Sento.
We've been using Adventure Creator for a while now and we are very happy with it.
We usually do small games during workshops in Art schools in France: we do the story, programming and music while students create all the graphics using watercolors.

Today, we'd like to present the new game we have released: The Doll Shop!

The Doll Shop is a mix of point-and-click adventure game and visual novel.
You play as a young doll maker who lives in an isolated village, deep in the Japanese countryside.
But dark dreams trouble your sleep every night. Are they signs of some horrible fate awaiting you?

Half romance, half horror, The Doll Shop will let you choose your fate.
But maybe you're already doomed...

Doll Shop is a free adventure game written and designed by us, based on memories of our life in the Japanese countryside.
The graphics were hand-painted with watercolors by students, in 3 days (January 10, 12 and 13, 2018), during a workshop at ECV art school in Bordeaux, France.

You can play the game for free on

Here is the trailer of the game:

And here are a few screenshots:

We hope you'll like it!
And thank you so much for having made it possible: Adventure Creator is such a great tool!


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    i can't remember the last time i've played such a compelling game

    everything about it is beautifully constructed. no real puzzles as such, but i think they would have just got in the way of the story. and the lack of puzzles is more than compensated for by the feeling that the decisions you make when given dialogue choices actually matter

    you find yourself invested in the two main characters in a way that few adventure games (or visual novels, come to that) ever really manage

    add to that some wonderfully atmospheric music and hand-drawn graphics, and a proper grown-up horror story plot that doesn't resort to clichéd demons and jump scares, and for me the real surprise is that the game is being given away for free

  • Awesome game!
    This is probably the best game we've played this year, art is excellent and story truly engaging.
    Very good job guys.
  • Thanks a lot for your feedback!
    We're so glad you liked the game!!!
    It means a lot to us!
    Thanks to Adventure Creator, we could focus on the art and the story which is a good think because we're so bad at programming. We're now working on other projects and we'll come share them here as soon as possible.
    See you!
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