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Hotspot strange behaviour: touch area shifted/floated randomly on start


First of all, ChrisIceBox, thank you very much for the great tool. It's really amazing!

After update Unity to 2018.3, I'm faced with a hotspot's problem.

Platform: AC 1.65.2, Android 8.1.0, MIUI, screen size: 2160x1080.


  • hotspot touch area shifted randomly on scene start, while hotspot stay on the same position (checked with SpriteRenderer with solid texture).
  • hotspot's title can be dragdropped by finger across the screen

I have checked:

  • EventSystem (Unity UI)
  • Cursor settings

May be the problem with Unity 2018.3 - new prefab system? but Im not sure.

Does anyone have any idea?



    AC Game Editor -> Settings -> Touch-sceen settings -> Moving touch drags coursor? -> false

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