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Character: Move to point no longer working since v1.66

My player character is no longer able walk/run to markers in the level as they used, pre AC v1.66. I’m not sure if this is an error or design change.

I use ‘Character: Move to point’ on hotspots and in action scripts. Whilst trying to work out the error, found that the character does calculate the path – i.e. I see the ‘blue path line’ - but the character doesn’t move unless I have set the 'Character: Move to point' sub setting tick box to ‘Wait until finished’.

All was working before v1.66, but I don’t want to roll back as there as so many new, improved and fixed features in the latest AC :smile:

I have a navigation baked, I use AC position markers, and I’m using the latest AC and Unity - non beta.


  • Please be exact when posting version numbers - these things evolve quickly.

    So this is a 3D game? What's your game's Movement method, and is this character a Player or an NPC? Let's see a screenshot of their full Inspector.

    Assuming it's a Player, we'll need to determine if the problem lies with your scene or with the character themselves. Temporarily drop in Tin Pot (from /Assets/AdventureCreator/Demo/Resources) to override your own - does he have the same problem?

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