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Hi there!

I'm not entirely happy with the trailer since the client took a nightly build to record the footage (and it had issues), but here it is.
Hopefully available on Play/App Store by Oct 30th, public presentation in Florence, Pitti Palace, for press & media (such anxiety XD:

It has been done by a very small team, in a very small amount of time. But that were the conditions imposed by the client. I will hopefully be able to work more on details and polish right after the launch (and, I know it's something that should never been done - but the team has been in crunch time for most of the time - which was really needed due to the uberly strict time constraints).
It's been quite a ride - I need a vacation :P


  • Realy nice! Love the atmosphere. It reminds me on some good old games..

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    Thanks, that was the idea! :)

    The reviews are actually pretty bad at the moment, since for some unfortunate series of consequences internal team delays and the client pushed me to do the whole testing for both Android and iOS in a single night(!) instead during the 90 days I planned, so, yes, it's currently in a state that I'd never have released it otherwise, I'm really mortified by this ^^

    I'm still working on it to reach a decent level of polish, probably in the next few days it will reach a state I shouldn't be so ashamed for :(

    BTW, I have no idea about the topic title being my nickname. maybe "mur der" wasn't allowed to be in a title? I will reach out Chris to fix this ^^

  • Yes, I know exactly how you feel. I come across that very often... But when i see this games made with "AC" something gives me inspiration to revive the old game that I neglected slightly due to work and saturation....Keep it up with the good work :)

  • Just wanted to mention I really liked the look of this game! The different angles are stylish, and the concept and atmosphere look very intriguing.

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    Hey, I'm pretty new to the forum and just taking a look at some peoples games. I hope things turned around for the better since your last post @NeatWolf. It must be tough when factors outside your control push your game in a direction you're not fully on board with. Hang in there!

  • Thanks Sian!

    I'm still working on it, actually. The client asked for quite some changes and I'm still in a rush since I'm the only dev at the moment.

    Hopefully they're going to leave me enough extra time to debug and polish it on next update.

    Sometimes I feel some clients care more about the press and merchandising than the actual product - Currently this is not my best project, but I hope to be able to raise the bar a bit. ^_^"

  • @NeatWolf It's the age old battle between keeping a client happy AND being proud of what you create. It's a hard line to walk but I'm glad to hear you're still working away on making improvements. It's all you can do! :)

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