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Requesting Game Puzzle Assembling Help

Hi Everybody,
Please tell me how could you manage to build up inside game puzzles and logics? They should be new as well as solvable.
Any help would be appreciated.


  • In my case and the way I approached it, the puzzles themselves were not my starting point. I started from the story itself. From the story objectives to be solved naturally emerged. Larger objectives gave to smaller and more detailed objectives. And form there it was not much difficult to design the puzzles around those game objectives. In my Joyfess game, for example, the protagonist needs to a pass an archery "Test of Truth" to gain the hunter tribe's trust. But you can't pass it just like that without cheating. To cheat you will need to gather certain tools. Gathering these tools is--in turn--not straightforward. Some of them have to be taken from others and you will need to figure what they want first so that they can give you what you need. The bottom line is that I never started from the puzzles themselves but let them naturally emerge as I built my story. Not sure how other developers approach it.

  • Nice! What I mean is, how you decide what type of puzzle should be inside you story. I.e conversation, finding something, placing key in order to open up a chest or ....
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