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Using timelines on 2D games?

Hello again, I was researching about the part of doing my intro in AC. I have seen that I can make my Intro trough the "ActionList" or Timeline. I had started doing an intro with the "ActionList" but its a little slow because is not so visual, so I tried to move on to Timeline sequence.

The issue here is that when I do research about doing an AC 2D Intro animation in Timeline its hard to find, so I want to know if its worth it to do it as a timeline? Or if AC 2D games works better with "ActionList"? Just need to know if its worth it to break my head learning about the timelines or is just a waste of time in 2D games.


  • It really depends on the specific content of your intro.

    If you'd like to elaborate on exactly what you have in mind, I can clarify further - but if it's not too demanding then likely so. AC provides a number of Timeline tracks for things like dialogue, and just recently - in v1.70.0 - got a new "Character Animation 2D" track.

    This track works by animating a character (i.e. playing a correctly-facing walk animation) according to the way they physically move while a Timeline plays. You can read more about this, and AC's other track types, in the Manual's "Working with Timeline" chapter.

    A video on AC's Timeline integration - though for 3D - can be found here.


    The problem here is that I cant see how to animate this. I feel very dumb with this. If I use animation tracks I can record them, but the "Character Animation 2D" track, don't allow me to record the transitions. Camera fades works ok, but the 2D track I don't know how to use it, sorry I really feel dump with this :s .

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    See the Manual's "Character Animation 2D tracks" chapter if you haven't already.

    Essentially, it works by evaluating the character's change in position each frame - meaning you need to combine it with a regular Animation track (on the character's root) to move them around the scene.

    For any part of the Timeline that the "Character Animation 2D" track is active, they should then automatically play their idle/walk animations based on their movement state each frame. You can override their direction - both when walking and idle - by checking Face fixed direction?.

  • I think is a little confusing right now. I finally got them move as I want, but still fighting with this new feature :s . Anyway, I didn't know I have to use a animator timeline too :# , now it worked :D ! I really feel dump with this :s

  • @CutyDina Hey, I just wanted to chime in here. I have used both timeline and action lists for cutscenes in my 2D game. The following link shows a cutscene I made with only adventure creator and timeline:

    Since I wanted the animations and cuts to sync with the music, I used timeline. However, if you are creating a cutscene with animations, sounds, dialogue, etc. simple stuff ... no music syncing... then just do it with action lists. I find that the "Engine:Wait" action is extremely helpful to get the feel of a cutscene just right.

    What kind of stuff are you looking to do? Maybe I could steer you in the right direction.

  • hello @DexterStardust! Amazing intro by the way :D. Thanks for replying. I'm just want to do a intro with changes of animations. I'm used to work with Adobe Animator and Premiere, so I tried to make the same way here... I finally do with ActionLists, but its not the same when you can't preview the content and timing :s

  • Thank you. And sure you can! The "Play" button is your friend. Create your "Cutscene" in the "Scene" tab in the "AC Game Editor". Make sure this cutscene will play when you start your scene. Then each time you hit play, you can preview the cutscene. Make small adjustments and press play again.

    Does that help?

  • @DexterStardust, Yes, but the problem is that timeline sometimes gives me a preview and something dont. I dont know why is happening this.. I think i will continue with action list, because Im having isses with previews and then the timelines became crazy. Im using last version of unity and timeline, but i dont know if this is a common issue or Im having a wrong configuration on it :(

  • It's hard to say if your Timeline woes are AC or Unity-related. Which track types in particular are causing issue?

  • Ok. if you want to laugh a little:

    Everytime I try to make a timeline something crashes, once is the speech tracks, other times the camera, I don't know, I think 2D is not ready for Timelines :'(

  • How exactly are your Animation tracks driving your characters?

    If the "Character Animation 2D" track is present, you should only update the character's root position in an Animation at the same time - since their walk/idle animations will be handled automatically.

    If you can create a .unitypackage file containing your Managers, scene file, character assets (sprites, animations, Animators and prefabs), and Timeline asset, PM it to me and I'll take a look.

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