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Mauritius Atoll (Visual Novel)

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Hi everyone,
First time posting here but I've been learning AC for 2 years (and bought it 4 years before that) but this is my first time finishing a game. Now that I understand how it works, I will do more games and finally be active here, in the forum.

Mauritius Atoll is set on the island where I live, centuries in the future. The setting is a tropical far post-apocalyptic world where the island has fractured and adventurers seek ancient artifacts from our times underwater.

As the player, you set out on an adventure and can follow different paths. You can find treasures, become a Sega rockstar (a mauritian music genre) or try to find out what might have happened to your father.

The game is very short. It was made as a game within an interactive informational game on the Global Game Jam in Mauritius (pictured in the last screenshot). But still, there are 14 or 15 endings, 5 or so are virtually the same but with varying sentences depending on your choices.

Here's the page : CLICK HERE

Have fun finding them all!

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