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Saving Bug

Hi Chris,

after we updated to version 1.52 we have strange saving issues. First of all saving works for all our scenes and for all things we want to save.

Since 1.52 occasionally the save system gets corrupted, this means the following:

  • Situations where save normally works don't work anymore for no obvious reasons.
  • When there was a broken save all inventary Items are gone but the elements in the world are saved. This means the game is broken :(!
  • All Saves on this save spot get automatically corrupted too, it seems to have an effect on other slots as well (not entirely sure...)
  • It seems that this problem starts to occure mostly in the same scene but I have checked it several times and I can't see a difference to other scenes...
  • It Occurs on mobile and on MAC, your AC does not provide any feedback what is going wrong...
Please can you check it, this is very important issue for us...

Regards Valentin


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    Of course - but I will need more information to go on.  You've described the issue, but not the circumstances.  What error messages appear in the Console when a problem occurs?  What version of Unity are3 you using?

    The more detail you can provide, the more quickly and thoroughly I can issue a fix.
  • After endless testing I got some kind of clue what could be the problem... the problems start after a scene which contains only a cutscene (some kind of movie for the story). After this scene it starts to happen that I save in Scene E and load this Save game and I am standing in Scene D or F.

    If i have a scene with no interaction possibilites what measures do i have to take that the save system does not got screwed up?

    I use Unity 5.3.5f1 Personal and the console don't day anything :(
  • Indeed if I save in scene A goto scene B and start the movie scene C (which returns to B) and then I am saving and loading the game loads to scene A. It should load to scene B.
  • It is getting really worse, when this happens every other save on this slot also relocates me to this broken Save Game (also the Inventar Items are gone... strangely not the ones which where gathered before this incident).
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    Again, I really need you to be absolutely clear on the details here: so the "movie" scene, scene C, is the cause of the issue?  Is this in builds or the Editor?  Everything works fine before this scene occurs, i.e. saving/loading A/B works OK before the movie?  If so, please post as much info as you can on this problem scene - including how you exit and enter it.

    The likelihood is that this is a load issue, so it may be that the bug can be fixed on existing save files.
  • Also, test a downgrade to Unity 5.3.4 if you can - we need to know if this is down to Unity.
  • Ok I will try to explain it with real scene names, maybe this is more understandable.

    We have a PLACE where all the other scenes are accessible from. All places that work are entered by an hotspot which overlays the door graphic. The scenes which don't work are triggered by NPC's, you click their hotspot (created by your NPC wizard) they talk something and send you to some scene.

    The MOUNTAIN scene is interactive but has no objects to interact with, just walk until you reach a trigger this sends you back.

    The PRISON scene is the called movie scene we just play the OnStart cutscene and at the end we switch back to the PLACE scene.

    Both of these two scenes have a constant ID script on the Navigation Camera and a NavMesh2 which is also saved.

    We switch scenes with this action:

    If you walk into a valid scene after entering PRISON or MOUNTAIN you can save normally again and nothing is broken.

    If you save without entering PRISON or MOUNTAIN and you are on PLACE it is also possible to save properly. 

    I will try Unity 5.3.4 currently downloading...
  • Let me know how 5.3.4 goes.  So it's only when you're in Place after Prison/Mountain that saving stops working?  What do you mean by a "valid" scene?
  • All other scenes you can access from PLACE that are not PRISON or MOUNTAIN. I did a quick and dirty workaround due to time issues.

    Now I block the saving function when i leave PRISON or MOUNTAIN and enable it again after switching from PLACE to an valid scene again. This seems to solve the saving issue ... at least it does not corrupt the saves before...

    I can't get Unity 5.3.4 running there are some strange errors, and in 2 days I start a trip around the world so I am happy for now with this workaround... sadly I got no more time at my hands to keep on working on this project :(

    Thanks for your help anyway your support is awesome!
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