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Can I make a 2d platformer mobile game with AC ?

Hello guys,

I'm new both with Unity and Adventure Creator. I'm looking for an easy to start platform to make a 2d mobile platformer game. I've seen AC tutorials on making 2d Game, but I think that's a 2d PC point & click game. My question is : is it possible to make 2d mobile game with AC ? Please help.


  • Yes.Ac can bulid android and iOS point n click game.
  • AC is geared towards puzzle games, not platformers.  There are other assets out there on the Unity Asset Store that are better-suited to platformers.
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    You could still use it as a base and add the rest of the features separately, or integrate other character controllers to it, like Complete 3D Physics platformer. In your case as it's 2D you want, you could check Platformer Pro LE or Corgi  and see if you can integrate some of their functionality.

    Personally, I'm using AC to make games outside of the classic "Adventure" genre (or hybrids). As AC already has many basic features common for all types of games, it's a great base (and Hotspots are a great plus for all of them). Also it's the perfect control tower to direct my other assets/plugins. If you bring plugins like Rewired, Playmaker, The Dialogue System, Cinema Director, or other cameras ( like the Adventure Camera) or other character controllers (Like Motion Controller v2, or ootis or Invectors third person controllers), then you can take the Asset to new heights.

    The best thing about AC is that it's designed to integrate well with other plugins. And even in the case that AC doesn't have an integration itself with an asset, other plugins that do integrate with AC may have that option, working like a middleware to connect to these other Assets (for example, AC doesn't support NGUI, but The Dialogue System does, so you can use DS to use NGUI just fine, at least for all things related to conversations, quests and alerts).

    Anyways, Platformer Pro LE is free, you could give it a try at integrating it with AC. You could even kindly ask the Platformer Pro developer (or Corgi's) to give you ideas or assistance in the process.
  • @Alverik "Control Tower" ... I like that  B-)
  • Thank you guys, after some study, I decided to go with Corgi, as I think I will start quickly with this platform engine for my platformer game
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