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Path Finding need to be async

Hi Chris,

I'm trying to figure how to integrate Apex Path with AC, and as I read the docs and try, I was stuck. Then I ask for help in the Apex Path forums, and Geminior, from Apex Path, told me that AC needs a method that support the Async pattern. Could this be possible? Could you extend the behaviour so AC support async path finding?

Thanks in advance



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    Boy, I hope it can be done!   :D It would open up the way for all manner of procedurally generated scenarios. Allowing almost unlimited content. A plus for a lot of games  B-). 

    And, I mean, well, there are some ways to procedurally generate a navmesh at runtime, but it's usually slow... increases loading times plenty. So using an alternative Pathfinding system to the Navmesh would be awesome.
  • I hope so. I love the grid path finding method used in Apex Path, and I used before and was very well planned, and was able to extend and customize with code to my own needs.

    Hope Chris, could let us know or maybe even integrate natively in AC (I had to modify Enums.cs in AC and I don't like to make those kind of changes in AC's code...)
  • Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is the "Async pattern"?

    Be aware that AC has a Pathfind update time in the Settings Manager - this allows for repeated calls to update a dynamic path while a character is moving along it.
  • Hi Chris,

    the method "GetPointsArray" need to be feed with the Array of points of the third party path finding asset.

    In this case, Apex Path makes the process asyncronous, so we can't get that array in the same method function we requested it. So I think we need a listener  or some way that subscribe to the Apex path so when the path is ready a event will be sent and can consume from AC.

    Geminior, from Apex Path, said that the implementation is asynchronous due to the fact that they implemented with performance in mind.

    I don't know how the time update you point could be related to this...

    Chris, maybe could you get in contact with Geminior of Apex Path so you both could talk about this integration. You both has very important assets and others like me want to mix them together. Hope this could be possible. Geminior as you is very supportive, and maybe you could get this piece and make it official in your assets to make them even more powerful.

    Thanks in advance
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    Besides, if AC used an asynchronous path finding style, and that translates to faster performance, then it would be an upgrade for everyone.  ;) 

    (Mind you, I don't know how easy or hard that'll be. After all, Apex Path specializes in path finding, so they got to know they're stuff, I guess...)
  • I brought up the update time because I'm not aware of what the asynchronous pathfinding process provides.  I'm still not any the wiser.

    Does Geminior have an email that I can write to directly?
  • Hi Chris, 

    Please,write to this email : Support Apex Game Tools <support (at) apexgametools (dot) com>

    And ask for Geminior to talk about this forum thread:

    Telling you're the developer of AC, I'm sure both will be soon in sync to see what's the better way to get AC and Apex Path working together.

    Thanks for taking care of this!! :)

  • Going over their tutorials, I suspect writing a pathfinding script is actually the wrong approach.  Their tool provides the movement as well as the navigation algorithm - therefore I believe you should instead look into writing a custom motion controller.

    The principle being that instead of having AC control the character, you instead have AC only calculate where to end up, and feed it into your Apex Path agent and have AP control the motion itself.

    A tutorial on writing motion controller can be found here.
  • Thanks Chris, nice approach. I try to figure how to mix this and report If I find something useful


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