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Adding and removing scenes from build and updating translations

It's me again (sorry :D)!

I don't expect this to necessarily be a problem that could and would be easily solved, but I'm raporting this nevertheless, as it's been problematic for a long time..

Our mobile adventure game is split into multiple episodes, only 1 being released so far, but episode 2 has been worked on for 8 months. The episodes are quite big, which matters a lot on mobile. We had first uploaded a ep1 version with partial episode 2 hidden, but then later decided to remove episode 2 from the release (including unchecking the scenes from build).

The result was that our translations file got very out of sync (3 languages) and we had to redo it manually. I think this happened a few times, as translations were exported and imported back in (CSV + Google Sheets). I'm not sure what other factors involved, though some less technical people may have also affected the outcome.

Anyway, it appears that if the scenes are removed from the build, the next text gathering probably doesn't find all the text and / or the text id's get switched. So, in the end we are now keeping the unnecessary luggage of episode 2 in the same release build to avoid translations getting messed up, though it bloats our app.

One idea I got is that we could just manually uncheck the ep2 scenes from the build just before clicking build, and then re-add them manually after building, and not doing anything with translations meanwhile. 

Would that be a save way to do it, or are there alternatives?


  • When it comes to episodic games I'd recommend each episode be developed as a separate project.  AC has the ability to import save data between episodes via SavesList menu elements.

    Scene files that are unchecked are indeed ignored when gathering text.  If a speech line that was previously listed in the Speech Manager is no longer found during this operation, it'll be assumed deleted.  It should be the case, however, that ID numbers are no longer recycled when this occurs - AC records the "highest" ID assigned at all times, so it should never give a previously-used ID to a new piece of text, even if that previous text was removed.

    Which version were you doing this all with?  Perhaps an option to also include "un-checked" scenes when gathering text would be the way forward?
  • Thanks again @ChrisIceBox . Very useful information, will make our next update much smoother.

    Our version where we last encountered this was pretty old, maybe the release around a year ago. Option to include from build unchecked scenes would be very useful for us, but just that information about ID numbers not being recycled is great also.

  • I've been thinking about this as an option - but I'm afraid I'm not so keen on an official implementation now.

    Even as a pop-up dialog in the form of "Would you like to search scenes not in the build?" I feel it would be all-too easy for someone to mistaken/accidentally press "Yes" and have their Speech Manager get screwed up.

    You can, however, easily have unchecked scenes included in the search with a simple code tweak.  This all occurs in the AdvGame.cs file's GetSceneFiles function.  Just commend out the "enabled" check and it ought to search all scenes listed in your Build Settings:

    //if (S.enabled)

  • I understand. 

    Uncommenting and commenting those lines can still be a bit cumbersome because not everyone building the game and localizations can or want to touch source code. Also, I'd like to keep AC unhacked for easy updates.

    So, could I ask for another scripting define symbol or something so I could enabled / disable this easily :)?  Like:

    if (S.enabled)
  • Yes, that's a fair compromise.
  • Thank you sir!
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