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[SOLVED] WebGL issues [SOLVED]

edited July 2017 in Technical Q&A

When playing in webGL all the cursor (black spot on rug),the player (big black chunk), inventory (bottom), all other menus (top corners), and inventory items hotspot (on table and one of the shelves) are black (regular hotspots are not black (e.g. guybrush doll)! 
Only menus which aren't completely black are the 'menu' menu (bottom left) and dialogue menu (not seen). In them the background is also black (instead of black with transparency) and when hovering dialogue options there is no highlight of selected line...
Please Help! What is going on?



  • In case anyone else runs into this issue, what was the problem?
  • I have this problem too. My character is black . How can you get solved it?
  • This solution is to go to the import setting of every problematic sprite (which can be viewed in the inspector while sprite is selected) and uncheck the 'Generate Mip Maps'. I also changed the format from compressed to truecolor. 
    Not sure which of them is the crucial one (maybe both?)
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