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Custom Inventory and third person game camera

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Hello!.. AC is awsome for begainers.. My Adventure Game project is 25% percent completed..and i have stuck in two thing ((sorry for my english skill )) I have two question for AC .. first one (1) how to make Inventory as a (In game) button when i click on "Inventory Bag " icon ..Inventory menu is turn on and click on "Inventory Bag " icon again.. Inventory menu is turn off...... (I means lnventory button like a on/off switch)I try it but i got only Inventory menu is turn on and i click on {"Inventory Bag " icon } button again Inventory menu is still turn on..Can you explain me..Plz.. And Question No.2 (2) I make 3d third person game in Adventure Creator..Everything is ok.But when i put " Game Camera -third person " i got a little bit problem.. Third person camera is working smooth but sometime ..player is vibrating little bit thing is player moved to forward and backward ..*there is no vibrating on player*.. when player moved to right and left i got some vibrating on player.. Why? help me plz.. ChrisIceBox Alverik


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    In future, please post separate questions in separate threads so that it's easier for those with similar questions to search for.

    1) An "Inventory toggle" button can be made by having the Button run an ActionList that first uses the Menu: Check state Action to decide whether to turn the Inventory menu on or off:

    2) What are your AC and Unity version numbers, and are you relying on a Rigidbody for your player's movement?  Please post an image of your Player's Inspector, Third Person Camera Inspector, as well as let us know your game's Movement method.
  • Thank so much ..problem solved B-)
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