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[Request] Make Item Properties and Categories more accessible

Hi Chris,

I have an idea for a feature that I think could be useful (not only for me).

The inventory:check selected action should be able to check an item's category. With that I could create an unhandled inventory interaction for a hotspot that chooses what to do next depending on the item category insteat of a single item.
If the player is carrying many (f.e. 50) items that would be a quick way to diversify the unhandled inventory interaction without creating 50 interactions for each hotspot.
20 weapon items get a playspeech: I am not going to kill that guy.
15 food items get a play speech: That guy has enough food. I should eat this myself.
15 other items get a generic: that is a stupid idea.

Anternatively inventory interactions could be per set per item category and not only per single item. But I think the ActionList approach is smarter because it gives more flexibility to do other great things with it.

2: (this one is less important)
The item properties are not very useful if you do not use custom code. I think it would be great to access an items property X value/string/... via Actionlist. And maybe even use the placeholder system [var:1] like with variables.
Item properties are basically variables, but we do not get the same variety of options for them :(


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    1. Agreed, I'll look into that.

    2. Item properties are most useful when used dynamically, i.e. when you don't know exactly what item it is you want to access until runtime.  Accessing them via script is generally more sensible because of this, as moving such operations to an Action would likely make such an Action's UI overly complex.  However, custom Actions can be made use of when desired.
  • I am not agree on the item properties solution Chris :) I mean you are right but not entirely .  If we will have some action to use a item properties as a variable it will bring Advneitre creator to totaly different level for example adding some kind of survival elements to game . I mean using apple like a item which add you stamina ect I knwo that i can do it right now with separate variable but it will be much easier and fast to menage when that value will be in the item and i will be able to use that data . You know what i mean ?  
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    I'm not totally clear, no.  You mean reading an inventory item's properties as you would with the Variable: Check Action?  Which item would that be?  An item you choose in the Action, the selected one?

    Again, any such behaviour can be achieved via a custom Action - but right now your description is not detailed enough for me to know exactly what behaviour it is you're looking for.
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    For example.  to use a item "apple" and their  stamin property as a value to change a player_stamina global variable. Right now i can create separate action list to each item and make that but it will be so cool and easier to menage large amount of items when I will be able to menage that data directly from property value .

     The simplest way to do that is  add option to the Variable Set action    "NEW VALUE IS :"   option : Use item properties , tab  to choose item and propertie . Simple like that . That one simple change in existing  action will give a chance to use items properties in dozens of way . Mostly for all of us who cant write custom action . 
  • It's far from simple.  But I accept that transferring item properties to variable's is a neat way of accessing them.  I will consider.
  • Yes sorry i dont know to much about a coding so I am more than sure that is not as easy as it looks for noob like me :) But I am glad that you like that concept and tons of possibilities which it opens. I making game with some survival elements like Kona game that a reason why i am so interested. It will be awesome to see that idea in next update . Keep finger crossed !  
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