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Run Actionlist ONLY when object is visible in camera?

I have a 2D game with a 2D Drag Camera and no Player character. It's a POV game where the user is the character, so the user navigates the scene by dragging the mouse (or touch) to scroll the graphics.

How can I run an Actionlist when the 2D Drag Camera "sees" an object. I would like to trigger an animated Game Object but only once the Game Object has been in the Camera viewport for a certain amount of time. I have Remember Visibility component on my animated Game Object but can't figure out where to put the ActionList that will be triggered.


  • The Remember Visibility is only for dealing with the enabled state of a sprite or mesh - not for whether its in view of the current camera or not.

    This would best be done with a custom script that reads if the object's renderer is in view of the camera:

    And then run an ActionList programatically by invoking its Interact() method.

    However, if you really wanted to avoid scripting, you could possibly try the following:

    1) Attach a Trigger2D to the Camera as well as a Rigidbody2D (set to Kinematic so it doesn't move improperly)
    2) Attach a 2D Collider to the sprite object, and configure the Trigger to only detect this object.
    3) Make a separate Cutscene that animates the object, and give it a Start delay (s) in its properties.
    4) Make the Trigger react to "On Enter".  Give it a single ActionList: Run to run the ActionList in #3.
    5) Add another Trigger below, that reacts to the same sprite, "On Exit", and have it run a single ActionList: Kill Action to kill the ActionList in #3.
  • Oh yes! The Trigger solution is perfect.
    Thank you!
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