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Genocide Dolphins (UFPS/AC)



  • Yes, this gameplay style is very Manhunt. I wonder if you could achieve a similar level of tension that the ambience and music worked so well for in Manhunt. For example, when you were hiding in the shadows, the music would die down, and you could just hear the heartbeat sound, then when you emerged, or made a sound, that 80's-style "dirty" synth would start playing as you were sneaking around, or the bad guys would come looking for you.

    Good start, though one thing is I'm unsure in places about what is placeholder art & what is purposely weird in keeping with the surreal nature of the main game.

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    Yeah that is a great idea, I want to develop this one out and get it on steam early access I think, just to see how things go on there (in prep for GD which will include this still I think) and I will definitely be doing some of the things you mentioned (Im mates with the guy who did the music for manhunt lol!). I need to play manhunt through again but the steam one is a bit broken, once I do I think I can encapsulate the feel even better. Would be great to hear them shouting stuff too, and being more menacing. Everything in the game at this point is non-placeholder in this video, but of course everythign can change (Id like to change each of their arms into a bizarre weapon, but I lack the skills to do it properly). I keep trying to make the style much weirder, but every time I do somethign else breaks in a way that I have to roll back. Thanks for the comments man, every morsel I get is very enjoyable to read!.. Slight better gameplay/enemies etc here 
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    I see you've added detail to enemies, with masks and... Things, lol. Some things that could with sorting if you can: Collision on the camera to prevent wall clipping (Opsive's controller is good for this), firing guns from cover seems a bit bugged. Also, not sure if I'm looking at it wrong, perhaps it's some sort of optical illusion from a distance, but some of the walls seem to be wafer thin.

    Anyhoo, you can get Manhunt on PS4 pretty cheap (I actually still have my original ps2 copy), but I would also take a look at The Evil Within & The Last of Us if want more modern references, they share quite a few similarities with Manhunt. TEW in particular, especially the box/safe head and the camera monster in the upcoming sequel.

    If Unity build size allows it, I'd keep this a part of Genocide Dolphins, just don't get too carried away with it and make 50 levels or whatever. The cage fight with that pig guy could be another subtle Manhunt reference ;-)

  • Thanks mate, I went for Kickstarter it failed lol, so it will be a sub game still. I bought Manhunt on steam but its bugged, doesnt play properly!! Last of us I played a lot with my bro, shit us up really good hahah I still havent finished it, need to bring a bottle of scotch over and do that! Will def check out TEW, Cheers. Game is still in dev just been side tracked by real work, writing an app for CBBC and a few others, lol :)
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    kickstarter trailer for bishop stix
  • Man the Evil Within Looks AWESOME. Thanks again!.. 
  • Must admit I'm still lost as to exactly what this all is however can't deny that there is something about this damn game that just hooks me. I liked the last video, can really see the work that's gone into designing these cities/areas. Still all feels crazy to me but keep it up!

    By the way didn't Allegorithmic release a separate plugin to help with substance inside of Unity after the recent patches to Unity stopped support? I believe it used to be a built in feature but now you need to install this plugin:

    Apologies if the issue you're referring to is completely separate, worth a try though.
  • I've been away working hard on the game, things are going really nice. Close to completing my environments, so I thought I'd check in on the old gang and post some new screenshots. Long live AC.. :)


  • Looking realy nice!

  • @radiantboy Looking forward to another video!

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