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ActionList editor very slow

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I know we have spoke about things like this in the past and I gather that unity 2d ui is EXCEEDINGLY slow (why the hell is that?).. but the action list editor seems to have gotten REALLY slow recently for me (2018.2.0b9) like literally each time I type a character it takes about 12 seconds to update.... See screenshot of my actionlist it really isnt that complex. This makes it actually pretty much unusable, I can paste text in from notepad etc but the visual dragging etc is also very slow to the point of feeling like an old 80s CAD workstation :) Is there any way we can speed this up or is this known/ not known for others?

On a side note having AC back is incredible, this is the best addition to unity possible, Im finally gluing and crafting the game together and AC is priceless!!


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    1. In what version of AC?
    2. All ActionLists, or just assets / scene-based ones?
    3. Was this occuring prior to updating to Unity 2018.2?
    4. What does the Profile reveal if you open it up and enable "Profile Editor"?
  • I've had this problem with Unity before too. What has fixed it for me is running Unity with the -force-opengl command line option. I'm not certain your issue is the same as mine was, but that's what fixed my issue.

  • thanks @hightreason, wont that affect the rendering of the game too?
  • It will force it to use OpenGL instead of DirectX. You probably won't notice any difference besides it being faster, and nothing will change in your builds, you can still set the builds to use whatever you like. If you're at all interested in your games being cross-platform, you probably want to be testing the game with OpenGL instead of DirectX anyway, since DirectX is only for Windows and your builds for Linux and MacOS will use OpenGL no matter what.

    With a bit of research, I've found that the more modern option is -force-glcore although -force-opengl will still work to run the editor with the legacy OpenGL backend. You might try -force-glcore first although I haven't tried that yet. I still have been using -force-opengl
  • Oh man. That's awesome!

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