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[Feature Request] Allow Ranges + Discrete Values for "Variable: Check Integer (and Float)" - Actions

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Hey Chris,

I am heavily using "Variable: Check Integer" - Actions for more than 100 variables in a puzzle, so this request comes from my desire to reduce clutter in my action lists and speed up development. So what about allowing …
  • "Variable: Check Integer/Float" -> is less than X and more than Y in one single action (reducing required number of actions by 50%)
  • "Variable: Check Integer/Float" -> VAR A is EXACTLY [enter value/parameter here] more/less than VAR B in one single action (reducing required number of actions by a zillion)
Best, Jens


  • Oh, and I forgot:
    • "Variable: Check Integer/Float" -> VAR A is AT LEAST / AT THE MOST [enter value/parameter here] more/less than VAR B in one single action.
  • The 2nd and 3rd requests in particular are really kind of specific, so I don't think it best done as an official change.  However, two things to bear in mind:
    1. You could feasibly achieve this by creating a third "dummy" variable that is set equal to Var A *plus* some offset value, and then compare that to Var B instead.
    2. Custom Actions are here to help.  It wouldn't be a big task to write a new Action that behaves like Variable: Check for Floats/Ints but also includes an offset value.  You could get most of the way there by duplicating ActionVarCheck.cs, renaming the class/file and stripping out all the unnecessary code (checks for other variable types etc).  Once you have a simplified copy of the Action (that only deals with Ints/Floats), it's not much hassle to introduce an offset value.
  • edited August 2018
    Thank you. I was considering var calculations like you suggested, too, but afaik, they won't work on Android, will they?
  • Which suggestion, #2?  There's nothing to my mind that wouldn't be Android-compatible.
  • No, I meant suggestion #1.
    I am working on #2, now – thank you so much!
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