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Are on screen buttons possible?

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I am new to AC and I am considering buying it. 

Currently I am watching tutorials, reading manual and reading forum.
I cant however find one thing that I am interested in, and it's very important for my future work in AC.

Is it possible to have buttons on screen, like this white arrows in example image?


Those are intended to switch to another camera on click/tap.

I cant find similar topic on forum, except one in which is explained that this is possible through hotspots.
But there is no enough info about this.

Thanks in advance.


  • Welcome to the community, @theAlex.  Your post was caught in the spam queue for some reason, so apologies for the delay.

    The image URL also didn't seem to post correctly.  Let me try embedding it here:


    To answer your question: yes, arrow buttons can be created and mapped to ActionLists.  There are a couple of ways to do this:

    1) The "Arrow Prompt" logic type allows for the automatic display of on-screen arrows.  These can be clicked, tapped or - in the case of touch-screens - swiped.  When an arrow is triggered, it runs an associated Cutscene - which can include the Camera: Switch Action to cut to a new camera.

    These are described in more detail in the Manual's "Arrow prompts" chapter.

    2) The Menu Manager can be used to create a new Menu that features two Buttons with arrows for textures.  A Menu's display can be set at runtime with the Menu: Change state Action, and Buttons can be configured to run an ActionList asset when clicked.  Again, this can switch the camera directly, but you'd probably want to have it instead run a Cutscene within the scene so that you can more easily control which camera is cut to on a per-scene basis.

    The ActionList: Run Action can be used to have an ActionList asset trigger a scene-based Cutscene, and you can rely on having such a Cutscene share a Constant ID number with Cutscenes of the same purpose in other scenes so that they also get triggered.  For more information on this technique, see these tutorials: #1 and #2.
  • Thank you @ChrisIceBox for your time to answer.

    I am very happy that this is possible within AC.
    I think that Arrow prompt will be exactly what I need.

    This is all I need for now.

    Many thanks.
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