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Possible optimisation

I have seen a lot of Camera.main in the code, each time this is called it does a findObjectOfTag underneath which is kind of slow. I am wondering whether you should cache the first call to Camera.main, to get an increase in speed ? Worth trying maybe? I learned this from here, excellent video!


  • Good tip, but the danger here is that it would cause problems when used in conjunction with other assets that take control over the main camera.
  • what about a simple tick box, "kill when offscreen?" ie no time at all is spent on AC which is offscreen. Or "ticks when offscreen" like they do their work every X many ticks, so they respond but very slowly when offscreen to save cpu. I already have this hacked into AC for the last few years but it just came to me I should suggest to you because you said optimisations are welcome.
  • To kill what, exactly?  This doesn't seem related to the original post in this thread.

    If you're hacking this in yourself, by all means share more details to me in a PM.
  • sorry mate it was wrong thread, i meant kill the ac npcs, since they take a lot of cpu time even when not visible if theyre following a path
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