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Bug - NPC footsteps play when game is paused

If you pause the game while an NPC is walking, their footstep sound continues to play while the game is paused.

AC version 1.65.0
Unity 2018.2.9f1 (64-bit)
Project: 2D, direct controlled player


  • edited November 2018
    Cannot recreate.  What is the NPC's animation engine, and are you relying on the dedicated Footstep Sounds component, or assigning audio clips in the NPC's Inspector?  If the former, let's see the Inspector.

    How are you pausing the game?
  • Pausing through menus (pause menu, inventory menu, etc), with "Pause game when enable" checked.

    NPC's animation engine: Sprites Unity

    I'm just assigning audio clips in the inspector. Here is the full inspector: 

  • Does your "larrySound" have Play while game paused? checked?
  • Ah yes, that was it! Idk how I overlooked that. Thanks
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