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Bug: Inventory / Hotspot Labels

Unity version: 2019.2.6f1 (64-bit)
AC version: 1.69.2

Issue: Inventory and hotspot labels that are set to automatic sizing, sometimes display incorrectly / are cut off.

Using direct control. Inventory is using the hotspot label, appears above player, automatic size.

I've been trying to mess around with this to find a cause. I've been able to find a way to consistently reproduce the issue with inventory items at least. However, this is not what is causing it in other places for me, this was purely the only way I could find consistent results:

  1. Create a new scene and add a hotspot.
  2. Create a Use interaction for the hotspot.
  3. In this action list, add multiple inventory items (at least three).
  4. Set one of the inventory (other than the first one) to "add to front".
  5. Open inventory menu and view the broken labels.

Additional note of interest: If playing with "Maximize On Play" on, in Unity, you can pause the game in Unity and then unpause and the issue will go away.

Hotspot Menu:

Inventory Menu:

Broken Label (using "add to front" method)

**Correct Label ** (unchecking "add to front")


  • edited October 2019

    Thanks for the steps, I shall attempt a recreation.

    Does the issue also occur if you clear the Hotspot label's "Font" field, so that it relies on Unity's default?

  • Can confirm that the issue still happens if you clear the Hotspot label's "Font" field.

    Additionally, in the example I'm showing an object with two words, "puzzle box", but this issue will also cut off single word objects too.

  • Recreated.

    I will work on a fix as part of the next update, but in the meantime you can circumvent this by checking Update every frame? in the Menu's properties panel.

  • Thanks, Chris!

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