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Title menu: Save button in pause-menu gone after opening options


This is my first post here so let me know if i'm posting in the wrong section ;)

Ive followed the "creating-title-screen-menu" tutorial and managed to almost make the whole thing work. My problem is that when i click "new game" in the "title menu" and open the "pause menu" in the new scene, the "save game" button disappears after opening "options".
So the starting state of the "pause menu" is correct but when i open "options" and go back to the "pause menu", "save game" is gone.

This doesn't happen when i configure the "back" button in the "options menu" as - Click type = Crossfade. But in order to make the "back" button return to the correct menu it is set to - Click type = Turn off menu (and then the "exit sub menu" actionlist is used)

Did anyone have the same issue? Or does anyone know what's going on here?

Hope to hear soon! :)


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    P.s. when i close the "pause" menu and open it again the "save game" button is back. And i'm using the "save game screenshots" menu manager.

    Also here is an image showing the "Exit sub menu" actionlist;

  • Welcome to the community, @imogeen.

    Saving is prevented whenever the game is in a cutscene, and the default Pause menu will auto-hide the Save button if this is the case.

    Your game is in a "cutscene" state because your ActionList's When running field is set to Pause Gameplay.  Change it to Run In Background and you should find that it shows up correctly.
  • Thanks Chris! That did the trick, thanks so much for the fast reply.
  • Hello! I'm writing in this post since it's relevant to the topic:

    I followed the tutorial to create a custom Pause menu, but I would like the SAVE button to be hidden during cutscenes, as it does on the default Pause menu. Where do I find that option?

    thanks so much.

  • Assign an "ActionList when turn on" asset to the menu, and use the Save: Check Action to determine if saving is possible - followed by one of two Menu: Change state Action to hide/show the Save button accordingly.

    Be sure to also set the ActionList's When running field to Run In Background.

  • Worked like a charm, thanks Chris!

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