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Custom Action Folder disappeared

Hello Chris,

I'm trying to implement some custom actions in my game, but the folder icon that is supposed to appear in the Actions Manager has disappeared. I'm attaching a screenshot.

What am I missing? Thanks so much for the help.

Unity v 2020.1.11f1 personal
AC v 1.72.3
Mac OS Mojave


  • edited November 2020

    You say "disappeared" - is that implying it was originally there?

    Open up ActionsManager.cs, and find the function ShowCustomGUI (around line 271).

    Just inside it, paste the following:

    if (customFolderPaths.Count == 0) customFolderPaths.Add ("AdventureCreator/Scripts/Actions");

    Does that fix it?

  • It does! Thanks so much.

  • Not at all, thanks for the bug report.

    This'll be fixed officially in the next release.

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